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We want you to be recognized! Big box stores are great, but they didn’t build your community. It was the little Mom’s and Popsy’s started by your grandfather or your neighbor’s mom.

It was the local feed store where they carried out the seed for your garden even if it only weighed 5 lbs., the coffee shop where the lady wore a pencil stuck in her hair, the local newspaper office where they had all that wonderful huge machinery clacking away, and the wonderful hardware store where you could find ANYTHING including things you didn’t have a clue still existed. Take a big sniff! I’ll bet you can still smell the wood floors and a hint of oil. The owners scrimped and saved their pennies to buy inventory they sold you and sometimes carried store credit when you couldn’t afford to pay.  

Now the great-grandchildren of those original owners are running the same stores and spiffing things up a little while trying to maintain the original charm.  These are the businesses we want to recognize and help support. If you look closely, you’ll see a lot of these small companies still around.

Help support them and yourselves by Shopping My Town First!

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